3 Targets that Would Improve Pittsburgh Steelers Odds for next Season
The postseason for the Pittsburgh Steelers brings some change. They came up short and, as a result, the free agency business in 2018 would be the best solution.
The Steelers odds for next season will be interesting to see, especially if we consider the present situation. The team was very good before the postseason in 2017, but suddenly, the results in the playoffs showed the weaknesses. Now, the fans are eager to see how the team will look like in 2018.
The fans won’t see some crucial players on the field, as the future of Killer Bs and LeVeon Bell is in the hands of free agency. Without these two players, the Steelers will have difficult times getting the right form.
Super Bowl 53 is not easy to reach, especially for the Steelers who had difficult times against the Jaguars and many other teams in the past season. The similar situation is for New England Patriots, because their team has challenges to overcome.
The offseason brings some free agency solutions for the Steelers. They have a good selection of players to choose from and here are the best targets.
3. Avery Williamson
Defense is a matter that the Steelers need to improve, and Avery Williamson would be a good linebacker to complete the team.
The previous solution for the linebacker position was good, but James Harrison decided to go to the Patriots team. The Steelers had Ryan Shazier on the position, but he faced the injury that kept him off the field. It is not certain if Shazier will be able to come back to the team during 2018. Therefore, the Steelers need to find an adequate replacement.
A great advantage of a player like Avery Williamson is his speed, which could be a great asset for the Steelers. The defense will get more structure and that is what the team needs in 2018. Williamson showed his potential in the Tennessee Titans during 2017, when he was a key part of the team.
If Williamson becomes part of the defense line, he will be a great support to T.J.Watt on the back line. These two would form an ideal pair.
2. Dion Lewis
When we consider the situation with LeVeon Bell, we must say that the Steelers need a good substitution. Bell is looking for a better deal in 2018, and he refuses to stay an option for the Steelers. They need someone with potential to replace the role that Bell had.
Dion Lewis could be an ideal choice. The backfield player from the New England Patriots could change the whole perspective of the Steelers team. This kind of change will be refreshing.
It is obvious that Lewis has a potential to become a leading role player, especially if we take a look at the past period. He has been a great support behind Tom Brady when considering all the games they played together.
Lewis is a less expensive solution than LeVeon Bell. The Steelers have many options, but Dion Lewis is one of the best solutions.
1. LeVeon Bell
In the whole NFL, there is no better player for the Steelers on the backfield position than LeVeon Bell. He has proved the quality in many situations and that is why the Steelers always keep an eye on the player like Bell. His cuts and fast moves are simply outstanding, and that is what corresponds to the Steelers’ needs.
Bell gives many options in the offense next to Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger. Together, they would offer many solutions to the team.
If the Steelers decide to invest a little bit more, which is not a small amount, they will have an opportunity to get the most powerful player for their actual needs. With LeVeon Bell and the rest of the team, they would have a chance to get the power they deserve. The Steelers will be stronger with the right player, and they will have more chances to show what they really can in 2018.


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