LeVeon Bell Is not a Steelers Problem and Money should not change this Fact
Some fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers think that LeVeon Bell is more akin to a problem than a solution. The Steelers odds are also clearly showcasing this idea, however, this notion simply is not true. It is correct that LeVeon Bell is not the best example of handling the situation around money in the best manner.
LeVeon BellLeVeon Bell Running back #26
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight: 225 lb (102 kg)
College: Michigan State
Drafted: 2013 / Round: 2 / Pick: 48
Truth to be told, what should be the best approach to the same issue? If a player manages to touch the ball almost 400 times in a season, while he is also leading the league in rushing yards, can he also convince the Steeler fan base that he deserves money for the same things? Clearly, a player can earn money, but can the same player ask for more money?
For some, this might be a sad fact, but it's still one that is true – yes, a player can ask for more money. Pittsburgh is fully aware that Bell is more than worth every cent he gets. Now, the only thing standing in their way is their refusal to concede to his terms. At the same time, the team is almost in the Super Bowl. No one is sure what happened this season in the NFL. Pittsburgh should have been beaten by Jacksonville, but this was in the past now and the New Year has begun. During this year, the team needs Bell among them. If he leaves, his team loses almost 1,300 rushing yards and over 650 receiving ones. The team loses their ability to effectively run play action.
They will likely lose a game against the Kansas City Chief and the Baltimore Ravens. Money is the only issue when it comes to all of this. The player in question asks for a guaranteed $30 million for his first two years. That is understandable and the money should be given to him. The team should make a contract where Bell attains the same $30 million, no matter if this is through guaranteed money or a single big bonus. After that, the team should look for a way out, including creating a contract with a dedicated escape plan. If Bell is not playing effectively after two years, James Conner should be ready to take over.
The same could be completed by someone else, or with some other contract clause. That way, the ball is in Bell’s hands whether he stays or moves on. If the team gives Bell what he asks for and he still is not happy, the situation is unchanged. He can retire and James Conner can test or some other running back can get signed or drafted. In any case, Bell decided how everyone proceeds. It has to be acknowledged that Bell managed to earn the respect of his team and he deserves what his demands are. He has a history of different injuries, so Steelers also need to find a means to play safe.
But, in this case, providing him with the money and the ability to make his decision is the best course of action. There is no single problem in this situation. The team should give in a bit and Bell should be able to see he is not a billion dollar player. Both sides should find the middle ground so that they have a chance at a run for the 2018 Super Bowl.

LeVeon Bell

Career Statistics

Year Team Games Rushing Receiving Fumbles
G GS Att Yds Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Fum Lost
2013 PIT 13 13 244 860 3.5 43 8 45 399 8.9 43 0 1 1
2014 PIT 16 16 290 1,361 4.7 81 8 83 854 10.3 48 3 0 0
2015 PIT 6 6 113 556 4.9 42 3 24 136 5.7 20 0 0 0
2016 PIT 12 12 261 1,268 4.9 44 7 75 616 8.2 32 2 4 1
2017 PIT 15 15 321 1,291 4.0 27 9 85 655 7.7 42 2 3 2
Career 62 62 1,229 5,336 4.3 81 35 312 2,660 8.5 48 7 8 4


Year Team Games Rushing Receiving Fumbles
G GS Att Yds Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Fum Lost
2016 PIT 3 3 65 357 5.5 38 2 4 3 0.8 4 0 0 0
Total 3 3 65 357 5.5 38 2 4 3 0.8 4 0 0 0

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