Le Veon Bell Assured of Long-term Deal by the Steelers
When appearing on the recent NFL Network broadcast, Bell confirmed that he's very close to securing a deal this season. According to NFL Network, Bell is ranked No. 5 based on their voting system. He announced that they're still working on it and the deal is getting a lot closer compared to last year. That's what makes him happy this season and hopefully something will be done in the coming days. He is fully committed to get it done and looking forward to it. With the good news doing rounds about Bell's contract Pittsburgh Steelers odds remain high so far with many betting platforms.
In January 2018, Bell had expressed similar optimism, but they couldn't reach an acceptable agreement for both sides before the March 6th deadline. However, Steelers have until mid July to extend Bell who is yet to sign the tag. The purpose of franchise tag is to retain the super star players for 1 year contract that commensurate with other top star players in similar position. One year period is considered as the suitable time to allow negotiations to take place before a long-term deal can be reached.
Last year, Bell took home $12.12 million on the last year's tag, but the percentage is expected to go up by 122 percent during the second tag and 144 percent on the third tag. According to Bell, its better to be on a lengthier deal than tag and that's what he expects to get from Pittsburgh and if they're not comfortable to give him the long contract, he can do the same with another team. It should be remembered that last year, Bell skipped the training camp to protest about his contract and hinted at doing the same this year if the team keeps him to the tag.
The 26 year old super star has made 8,000 offensive yards in total during the last five seasons. Bell hopes to be in the camp with his future secured in Steelers. He doesn't want the last year's event to happen this year. However, it it comes down to similar event like year's one, then he will take another route to protect himself and his future. So far he want to be in the training camp and play for Pittsburgh for long-term. He indicated that missing his training session will put more work to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Bell prefer being at the Saint Vincent when the team report in July 25.
With only three weeks away to deadline, the running back is hopeful that the two side will agree on terms that comes with the deal. But, if they don't agree on the long-term deal, Bell will have to play under 2018 season franchise tender worth $14.55 million that the team applied to him back in March. And when that happens, its almost sure that it will be his last season with the Steelers. Last season, Bell began on a slow start, which many have attributed to Steelers' 3-2 record after playing five games. However, during that season, Bell was ranked third-leading thrusher in NFL and last Monday evening he was voted 5th best player in the league.


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