Steelers Get A Far Above Average Grading after 2018 NFL Draft
The Steelers performance at the 2018 NFL Draft can be summarized with a solid grade of B+. This is at least according to who awarded the team this grade after a coupled of players were drafted. Those drafted include quarterback Mason Rudolph and his Oklahoma State counterpart receiver James Washington, Chukwuma Okorafor, Jaylen Samuels, Marcus Allen and Joshua Frazier. All these players were in the top 100 picks overall apart from Samuels and Frazier who were No. 165 and No. 246 respectively. The players are also diverse with a running back, defensive tackle, and offensive tackle summarizing the outlook of the players' positions. The Steelers odds to win the AFC North will definitely look better if the draft is anything to go by.
The preference of going safety was predictable on the part of the Steelers according to the site. A couple of moves were however unseen. The selection of Edmunds was particularly unforeseen as there were other possible options for the first-round. While the selection of Edmunds seemed early, he is a strong player who also shares relations with other strong players who have been impressive in the NFL. The Steelers also needed a receiver considering that Martavis Bryant would no longer be part of the team.
As for Washington, being disadvantaged in terms of height and speed does not make him any less important because he can use his huge arms to gain ball advantage. Considering the third-round pick of Rudolf, the Steelers might as well have a very formidable team of receivers. Okorafor, who was among the last of the top 100 picks is also a formidable player who has a long journey before him. He could definitely become a starter and this will require a lot of effort from him. The capabilities of Allen, on the other hand, make him more suitable for the defense.
The choices of Frazier and Samuels also seem to be well-thought-out as they are both industrious players who will add a lot of intensity to the team. There was no consideration of a linebacker for the team but the GM and the coach seem to have trust in their safeties. GM Kevin Colbert was quick to point out that their decision to sign Jon Bostic turned out to be very crucial for the team last season. As for Edmunds, he has indicated that he would be willing to take up the linebacker position if the team required him to do so.
Speaking to, Edmunds highlighted his versatility by pointing out that he had been a safety before and he was capable of making a smooth transition to the defense if it was necessary. He has confirmed his confidence in the decisions of his coach and added that he would do his best in whatever position he will find himself in. His commitment is something that the Pittsburgh Steelers will definitely welcome.
Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers did not prioritize getting a linebacker, all their other picks were critical in making the team redoubtable as the 2018 season draws near.


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