Has the Steelers' 2015 Draft Class Left An Uninspiring Legacy?
The status of Bud Dupree rookie contract at the Steelers is yet to be known according to general manager Kevin Colbert. The GM said that a decision on whether the contract will go for the fifth-year option will be made by May 3. A number of Steelers players today on the team had that option exercised. The prevailing rule is that a contract runs for four years with the possibility of a fifth. Players like Cameron Heyward and David DeCastro benefited from this rule.
In recent years, the majority of players have had their fifth-year option exercised. Colbert reckons that Bud is precious to the team. With several key players out of the team, Bud has great potential on the team.
The current mess at the Steelers defense has been as a result of inadequate success at the two previous successive drafts. With several defensive backs leaving and others being on their way out, only a few have been left to fill the critical void. Indeed, it is highly likely that none of the defensive players drafted in 2015 will be on the team by 2019.
If that were to happen, the Steelers would be in a mess. The general manager is thus looking ahead to a future where such a scenario has no chances of panning out.
It appears that it is not just the Steelers who are caught up in a dilemma surrounding the 2015 draft class. Evaluations are ongoing in other teams where barely any members of that class made it to a Pro Bowl. In fact, the 2014 class seems to have outshone the 2015 class by far.
For the Steelers, the choice for Dupree in 2015 was out of sheer necessity for a safety. They had other options like Collins on the market though. The only thing they can hope right now is for Dupree to muster some inspiration and achieve a top-tier performance.
Opposition to New Rule
It has emerged that players are opposed to a new targeting rule passed by the competition committee. The rule states that striking a player with the crown can lead to an ejection from the games. The rule appears to be borrowed from college football where it has been in operation for a decade.
With such a significant impact on the gameplay tied to this rule, controversy has been brewing in the NFL. There is still so much information about the rule that is yet to come out and the rule appears to be vague for now.
College Coaches Adequate for NFL Tasks
On the coaching side, Mike Tomlin has consistently continued to get new coaches for the Steelers right from the colleges. Randy Fichtner, Tom Bradley, and Karl Dunbar have all been sourced from the colleges. Tomlin says that he prefers these coaches who come with instructive qualities even though they have no experience at the NFL.
Since there are many young players in the team, Tomlin has deemed it fit to provide such coaches for the sake of the developmental needs of the players. Most young players need the skills provided by college coaches for them to get the right start at the NFL.
So, at the end, is the 2015 Draft Class an uninspiring Legacy? That would depend on who you ask...


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