Taking a Closer Look at the Holes in the Steelers Offensive Line
Among the many players who have been a victim of the NFL's troublesome catch rule is the Pittsburg Steeler's Jesse James. In a competitive game against New England Patriots, the tight end did all he could to deliver a touchdown for the team. For him, he thought that he had completed his mission and his team was going to proceed to the next AFC level. This, however, did not happen as his catch was considered to have been dropped afterward. This particular non-catch had huge ramifications for the team as it was solely to blame for a lost game, as well as a lost chance to get to the Championships.
Ben Roethlisberger has shown that he has some energy to play in 2-3 more seasons. He is also considered as one of the brilliant players in the NFL, but before you start laughing, think about Joshua Dobbs and Landry Jones being the depth. We all agree that not every team in NFL can brag to have a depth chart with talented players who can stand behind their team's starting signal caller. The Patriots and the Chiefs situation with Jimmy Garoppolo and Patrick Mahomes, they're very unique and a similar situation can be said of the Packers as well as Aaron Rodgers who's replacing Bett Favre.With that in our mind, its obvious that Steelers need to address the issue of quarterback position when the right time comes with the right player. They can decide to pick Mason Rudolph during the first round but that is still debatable at the moment. However, its important to fill the quarterback hole in their roster the start of 2018 season.
Verdict: There is no hole to fill in this season.

Wide Receiver
Most people are seeing a depth chart with Martavis Bryant, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Antonio Brown on it and that means, there is no hole to fill. However, Bryant is now headed into his final year with the Steelers while Eli Rogers has missed an RFA tender due to depth issue. With the signing of Darrius Heywward-Bey and a number of other players, the Steelers are still expected to invest on a middle-round draft pick, as early as the third round, on a skilled wide receiver that bring the much-needed depth into this position. In case the three starters remain healthy, the need will diminish, but if one of them goes down there will a desperate need for a good backup plan.
Verdict: The hole should be filled as soon as possible.

Tight End
Looking at all offensive positions, this one seems to be more tricky. Currently Jesse James, Xavier Grimble and Vance McDonald have become a solid trio, although not a spectacular one. McDonald is seen as the wild card at the moment. When healthy, McDonald was a great difference maker. He is a two-way tight end just like his predecessors; Heath Miller and Jesse James and should continue to improve going forward. McDonald can make a solid two-tight end sets, however that depends on his depth at his position and health.
Verdict: Currently no hole needed to be filled, but the team can make some improvement in this position.

Running Back
Everyone is now expecting LeVeon Bell back in this season. Fitzgerald Toussaint and James Conner have not displayed the required confidence, while Bell might not go beyond 2018-19 season. Clearly there is a hole that needs to be filled on the running back position. This could happen sooner if we are to look at the future, since the Steelers cannot expect a lot from Bell like they did since 2014 and no one should blame them.
Verdict: At the moment, there is no serious hole that needs urgent attention.

Offensive Line
Currently there are 5 available offensive linemen ready for 2018 season and most people think there is no hole to fill. However, the case is different if we look at the depth. With the loss of maverick Chris Hubbard, the pressure now turns to developing Jerald Hawkins. Hubbard was more than a tackle player, many remember him also as a reserve guard and an emergency center. At the moment B.J. Finney is very helpful at the interior offensive line, but the team should consider adding a more versatile player at this line.
Verdict: No urgent hole that require immediate filling, but depth is needed at this position.


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