Steelers this Season – They Have Made the Unreal Perhaps Real
There is no doubt that NFL Draft has always been a much-awaited and exciting event. It is all the more so for a team which is building based on such draft. However, Pittsburgh Steelers have not taken the tried and tested route as far as their offseason is concerned. Their composition of April 26 was kept under wraps.
There is quite a bit of mystery surrounding the guy at number 28. Would it be Mason Rudolph or Derrius Gruice? Or could it be Josh Dobbs or LeVon Bell? Who knows they could surprise everyone by picking another inside linebacker. No one exactly knows what Pittsburgh Steelers are up to and most of them are just left clueless.
Movements Happening Behind the Scenes
At the end of the day, Pittsburg Steelers is all about players and therefore the composition of Steelers players is what we are all interested in. There are reasons to believe that Morgan Burnett is moving to Steel City and signing a deal with Steelers. It is indeed interesting to note that a team that had no cap room has been able to fill its biggest holes with the help of free agency and not by using the draft route. This is fine because the team needed Morgan Burnett and Jon Bostic and they are as good as they can be. They are also pooling together the money to sign these two big names. However, in the meantime they have not remained idle and have brought off some wonderful contract reconstructions which could perhaps lead to a cap casualty.
The above may not help draft in any manner. But it does make Steelers stronger and better. However, it does leave the 28th pick open and wide.
Defense has been Tightened
There was a feeling that Steelers may not be in a position to plug the defensive holes. However, the team has been able to achieve the impossible. This certainly points to the fact that the offseason has been a success and the future is ready to unfold. Mason Rudolph could be the answer. This quarterback from Oklahoma State has been able to catch the attention of scouts.
This is because he is a good prospect and under the pro-style college options he certainly is a good find. Though he will be behind Ben Roethlisberger for around three seasons, Rudolph will most certainly make it to the starting lineup. He could be one of the finest Quarterbacks in the league. Further being at no. 28 Rudolph will always be available. However, it needs to be seen if teams like New Orleans beat Steelers to the race and pick him up. It also is likely that Rudolph could be sitting tight when Steelers are around on the clock.
The Success Story is Complete
In fine it would not be out of place to mention that Pittsburgh has completed their offseason quite successfully. They still have LeVon Bell as inside linebacker. Hence their job is easy because they need to look for some future quarterbacks and start looking ahead for 2018. There is no doubt that Pittsburgh Steelers have really surprised one and all. They have been able to take their team to a strong level and not many would have predicted this. The future is all theirs as far as No. 28 is concerned.


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