Roethlisberger's Loyalty Keeps the Steelers Options Open at the Draft
One of the defining traditions of the Pittsburgh Steelers is to get on board a new defensive player each draft season. This tradition has defined the team's strategy for half a decade and there seems to be no hurry to slow down the trend. This is especially if the events at the NFL Combine are anything to go by. Drafted Pittsburgh players at the defense are widely known to be effective. They have provided a formidable force over the years and they make up the backbone of the team.
Kevin Colbert, the team's general manager alluded to the defense-centric tactics by mentioning a couple of impressive players currently on the team. He lauded the efforts of Matravis Byrant, whom he confirmed he would never wish to trade. He also mentioned Antonio Brown, the shining star of the team as the game closes and JuJu Smith-Schuster, who has been impressive in every possible way.
Speaking of Ben Roethlisberger, the general manager expressed optimism on the prospects of the quarterback. He pointed out that the team wishes to get the best from Ben in the time that he will be on the team. Colbert acknowledges the authority that Ben has on the field. This is why he made it clear that they plan on utilizing the player's talent to the fullest.
Much of what the general manager said makes more sense when the quarterback's contract is put into context. Only 2 years remain for Ben on the team and a possible extension of the contract would result in huge per-year sums for the quarterback. For that to materialize, however, a decision has to be made about Le'Veon Bell.
When it comes to extending Ben's contract, time is not really of the essence. The coming season will be full of quarterbacks who are around the same age as Ben. Adding another player at the back is not out of the question according to Colbert.
This is not likely to happen, however. Even for a formidable team like the Steelers, there is always room to make improvements and Colbert acknowledges that. He reckons that new drafts always hold the potential for unlocking new frontiers. Considering the capabilities of Roethlisberger, however, Ben's statements are more likely hypothetical and not necessarily true for the moment.
Recently, Roethlisberger has affirmed his commitment to the team and this has fanned the enthusiasm seen in the general manager. Colbert maintains that the passion seen in the remarks of the quarterback even after suffering a setback was a huge confidence boost for the team's fraternity.
The Steelers' offense is usually impressive and less needy than the defense. This is not to mean that a few changes in the offense would not be beneficial for the team. As things stand though, the Steelers will continue to capitalize on a strategy that has proven to be fruitful in the past several years. This is why the first round of the draft will almost definitely see more emphasis being put on the defense rather than the offense.


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