The Pittsburgh Steelers 28th Pick Provides Enough Options
The 2018 NFL Draft has given the Pittsburgh Steelers a number of options for solving the dilemma surrounding their inside linebacker. The Steelers had been seeking some reprieve before Sunday since they only had one of two options to go for with the 28th pick, which they could only use for the safety and inside linebacker. As it stands, Pittsburgh Steelers players can now look forward to a brighter future since they currently have several ways to improve with the first round of this year’s NFL Draft.
To put this unfolding story into perspective, there is a high likelihood that the Pittsburg Steelers are keen to sign the Alabama Crimson Tide safety Ronnie Harrison. The 21-year-old stands out as one of the most dedicated and skilled defensive backs compared to other players in the 2018 NFL Draft. Even with such his exceptional admiration, during the first round, Harrison is likely to drop to the bottom as the Pittsburgh Steelers players await the outcome.
Ronnie Harrison enters the draft with 174 tackles as well as 7 interceptions in his NFL career to strengthen his position as one of the most equipped junior players. After the departure of Mike Mitchell who is currently a free agent, the Pittsburg Steelers would definitely make Harrison an instant starter. The Steelers inside linebacker, Jon Bostic, as well as with the input of Harrison, would create one of the most needed finishing pieces to their defensive puzzle for Pittsburgh Steelers players.
Another potential player is QB Mason Rudolph who is currently with the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The 22-year-old junior continues to follow in the footsteps of QB Ben Roethlisberger, especially with his strong arms and huge physique, a perfect combination that would thrill Pittsburg players. Since the Steelers have to start thinking about signing another franchise QB in the course of the coming three seasons, it would be prudent to secure their defense by drafting Rudolph. This is important because Big Ben would help him tighten his grip in that position.
Mason Rudolph deserves to be compared to such experienced NFL players because during his senior year in college, he recorded 37 TDSs and 9 interceptions, while covering 4,904 yards. He is one of the few players who can manage to play in an offense that practices many quick passes, which would tighten the coordination among other talented plyers in the squad, including LeVeon Bell, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Antonio Brown. Finally, even though some fans may disagree, the LSU Tigers Derrius Guice is a fascinating player that we need to acknowledge prior to the draft. In this draft, he stands out as one of the top three RBs in the draft. He is a versatile player who can do it all, with statistics showing that he has made 26 TDs, and rushed for 2,638 yards for the Tigers as a starter.
The Steelers can also wait until the end of the second round in anticipation of looking for a safety, with focus on 2nd-round Jessie Bates III. On the other hand, if the scouts pin down Guice, the Pittsburgh Steelers could surprise the NFL in the first round because they have enough time and several options. With the 2018 NFL Draft approaching, the Steelers continue to have a gradually clearer depiction of their future squad even if it means approaching their rookie class.

2018 NFL Draft order

Round Overall Team Notes
1 1 Cleveland
1 2 New York Giants
1 3 Indianapolis
1 4 Cleveland from Houston
1 5 Denver
1 6 New York Jets
1 7 Tampa Bay
1 8 Chicago
1 9/10 San Francisco/Oakland Finished tied and coin toss at NFL Combine will determine order.
1 11 Miami
1 12 Cincinnati
1 13 Washington
1 14 Green Bay
1 15 Arizona
1 16 Baltimore
1 17 Los Angeles Chargers
1 18 Seattle
1 19 Dallas
1 20 Detroit
1 21 Buffalo
1 22 Buffalo from Kansas City
1 23 Los Angeles Rams
1 24 Carolina
1 25 Tennessee
1 26 Atlanta
1 27 New Orleans
1 28 Pittsburgh
1 29 Jacksonville
1 30 Minnesota
1 31 New England
1 32 Philadelphia


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