Pittsburgh Steelers Best Bet to Lift the AFC North Title
There is a strong feeling that Pittsburgh Steelers is likely to win 2018 AFC North division championship. Last time they won AFC North title in consecutive years ended up lifting the Super Bowl trophy. That happened back in 2008 season when they thrashed the Arizona Cardinals to win their sixth and recent Vince Lombardi title. This year Steelers odds to win AFC North is listed at *110 betting favorite (bet$100-to-win $110) to win their eight time AFC North at sportsbooks which is monitored by the MyBookie.ag.
Pittsburgh Steelers has a record of winning 15 times in AFC Central before taking the AFC North title seven times. So far they have recorded 30 playoff appearances in their history and plans to make through postseason once again, but this depends on their stars Ben Roethlisberger (quarterback), LeVeon Bell (running back) and Antonio Brown (wide receiver) if they continue staying healthy.
Many view the competition from the other teams in the division as weaker than the previous years. A case in point is Baltimore who're currently listed at No.175 second choice likely to take the AFC North championship and hoped that Joe Flacco (quarterback) will be available at the start of regular season. He has struggled with back injury and will miss the preseason game, but Ravens want to place him under center during the Week 1 match against their rivals Cincinnati Bengals.
Baltimore became second in the last season division league behind the rival Pittsburgh, with the Bengals and Cleveland Brown finishing 3rd and 4th respectively. Looking at the 2017 NFL season, Browns performed poorly and a win against San Diego Chargers saved them from finishing the season with a winless record. Cleveland is listed as a *3300 longshot to take the AFC North title, which has never happened for them and they're the least likely to win the Super Bowl 52 on the odds. For the case of Browns, they last won AFC Central way back in 1989 and currently they're struggling with quarterback issue.
The Bengals are listed at *250 and they last clinched the AFC North title in 2015, but they have struggled with injuries which have kept them away from winning again. Cincinnati's A.J. Green (wide receiver) has recorded 66 reception, 964 yards and four touchdowns in their 10 games which is a low performance record due to a serious hamstring injury. This is the first time in 6 years for Greens to record under 1,000 yards mark. Another player struggling with injury is Tyler Eifert (Tight End) who has only appeared in 8 games due to offseason back surgery.
Steelers should be looking at the AFC North title knowing that they face minimal challenge from their weak rivals. In unlikely event they lose it, Steelers will have themselves to blame. Even with more intriguing games expected ahead, Steelers are likely to come out victors. We also expect a common theme like " we are better than last season" to come from other AFC North challengers. A good example is the Ravens who went into 2017 season with very high expectations. They had missed 4 playoffs in 5 seasons and that was not in their focus. The crazy thing about NFL is that things keep changing even when you least expect. And that is the most interesting and entertaining part of the NFL league.


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