Steelers Still Consigned to Second-place in New AFC Championship Odds
Another week has passed and the oddsmakers have come out with new odds. This time, not much has changed from what we have seen in previous weeks. Most of the teams at the AFC have continued to hold the positions they held even though a few changes have been made. The Steelers are one of those teams that have not seen any movement in the new odds, especially compared to New England Patriots. The Steelers odds, which put them at No. 2, still remain below the Patriots who are at the top.

Taking a Closer Look at How AFC North Teams Will Fare in 2018
Who said it's too early to start thinking about the NFL? Well, its never too early for the game you love, especially if you're planning to throw your money on NFL odds. Recently, Bovada released the much-talked about win-total over/under report. We will try and look at one of the most competitive divisions, the AFC North. How many wins should we expect from Pittsburgh Steelers compared to their rivals in the division. In 2018 season, Steelers odds to win AFC North are still high with many betting platforms.

The Steelers were Building to Stop Just One Team, They Got Slaughtered
The Pittsburgh Steelers went into the 2017 NFL season with one mission in mind, beat the New England Patriots.

A Look at the All-Star NFL Pro Bowl Game 2018
Orlando played host to a game that saw some of the best players of the NFL feature. It all went down at Camping World Stadium where the roster brought the stars and replacements together in a bid to take the pro title before the Super Bowl.

Betting Odds for 2018 NFL Pro Bowl
The much awaited 2018 NFL Pro Bowl is expected to feature the best of AFC against an excellent NFC side. The battle of titans will take place in Orlando, Florida on Sunday 3:00 pm where the NFC has an advantage of a field goal.