Steelers Still Hold the Record of Most Super Bowl Wins
The Steelers still hold the record of having the most wins at Super Bowl. In total, they have taken the Lombardi trophy six times. When it comes to keeping dynasties sturdy, even New England would have to learn from the Steelers. Indeed, the reality that Pittsburgh is yet to find an equal where holding the top titles is concerned is very interesting. The battle for dominance is a war that is hard to fight. If the Patriots had won the just concluded Super Bowl, they would have tied with Pittsburgh for six trophies overall.
Even though the Steelers had back to back wins in the 70s, netting the top title is never an easy task. In six years, they managed to win four titles. The Niners, Cowboys and even the Patriots have all tasted the lucrative incumbency of the ultimate title. The fact that Pittsburgh set this record must stand for something. Could it be that this could determine the Steelers odds for next season? The win by Eagles clearly shows that no matter the years a team has stayed in the cold, it is possible to rise again and become the top dog at this game.
With this reality, it becomes more important to appreciate the value of winning even just one trophy. At this point, the Steelers example could indicate that time for back to back wins could be over for New England. Pittsburgh after all had to wait for 38 off seasons to net two more trophies. In this game, a team can be forgotten fast; even when they had created a tight empire. If the winning charm for the Patriots is over, they can go silent with only five top titles. It is really hard to imagine the Patriots not winning for another 30 years. There is no doubt that the best decision the Steelers ever made was to draft Ben Roethlisberger in the 2004 NFL draft. With three Super Bowl trips and parades to go with it, this was better than expected.
It is extremely difficult to come back from being on top and Pittsburgh is among the very best in this regard. You will remember that from 2005 to 2010, Pittsburgh attended three Super Bowls. To this end, Roethlisberger's input has been key. For those who are a bit skeptical about this quarterbacks' achievement in the last few seasons, you have to put things into perspective. There is only a handful of quarterbacks who have won at-least three big games. Brady, Bradshaw, Montana and Aikman are the only ones in the history of the NFL. If Big Ben spearheads a campaign in the next season to take the top title, history will be made; and this might just happen. With New England's dynasty on its knees, there is no reason not to go for the beloved trophy.
Whether history will help predict the future is anybody's guess. However, history reminds us that the odds of winning one title are very limited. Going ahead to win six titles could indicate that a team could have been doing something right. In light of this, the Steelers can only edge closer to another win.


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