MVP or Not, Brown Remains an Iconic Wide Receiver at Pittsburgh
The celebrated wide receiver for the Steelers, Antonio Brown is best remembered for the anti climax that saw the team concede 27-24 to the Patriots.
As if this was not enough, Brown went on to suffer a calf injury in the first half of the game. The cheerful fans had nothing but love for Brown chanting MVP at Heinz Field. Naturally, it would have been hard to defeat the likes of Tom Brady. However, this did not stop avid fans from thinking positively about Brown. But would this fanfare translate to an actual appointment as MVP by the NFL?
When it all came down to naming the MVP for the season, many hoped it was Brown. However, it was hard to wish away that force that is Tom Brady. Once again, he took the title and added just one more accolade to his staggering shelve of achievements as a quarterback. Perhaps, the voters could have put more consideration on Brown. With his great play that was cut short by an injury, this could have been enough to convince the voters that this player was one to reckon with. For many fans, the voters would have shown more love for Brown; going even by his historic plays. However, it is notable that no wide receiver has ever won the NFL MVP title. Losing this award for Brown is not the worse that could happen. The huge task ahead is to continue increasing the Steelers odds going forward.
Brown's talent cannot be underrated because he has been an asset at Pittsburgh over the years. Brown is best known for his numbers but, he is also noted for making some of the best catches of the game. A case in point is his helmet catch in the divisional rounds when he was just a rookie in 2011. In his maiden season, he got to turn heads and became a noted receiver. This impressive play has showcased his ability to push the bar even when the odds are futile. It is this ingenuity in his position that has seen Brown voted MVP by his team four times over in 2017. When he finally hangs his boots, his place in history at the Steelers will clearly be marked. Needless to say that in the entire NFL, his impact has also been felt.
As a formidable face in the NFL, Brown does not really need the MVP title to feel important. Having said this, the legitimacy of the annual MVP award has to be called into question. The reason why there are many questions than answers is that since the inception of the awards in 1957, only running backs and quarterbacks have dominantly won the award. The only exceptions were in 1971 and 1986 where a defensive tackle and a linebacker respectively won the award.
For Brown, there is still time to run after the award; after all, he will be turning 30 soon and will have many more years to serve. If he indeed clinches the NFL award for MVP, history will sing praises of this iconic Pittsburgh wide receiver. If this does not happen, Brown will still be remembered for his great achievements in the NFL.


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