Poor Defensive Play Cripples Steelers
The recent playoff loss of Steelers was not only shocking but kind of predictive. The good thing about this loss is that the ultimate reasons for the collapse of the team can be understood and can be rectified in the upcoming matches.
A lackluster performance in the postseason has, however, cast a dark shadow on the group. It is currently difficult to preempt Steelers odds for next season owing to this performance.
The diminishing performance of the group was quite evident when they lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars. With less than 5 minutes left in the game, a poorly thought-out play left the menacing Tommy Bohanon with enough space to unleash his wrath on the hapless group. Indeed, much of the Steelers game was characterized by troublesome runs that left the defense in jeopardy.
It is a colossal mistake to have such a play against an offensive team like Jacksonville. A lot of the players indeed seemed to be out of touch with their roles in the game leading to poor organization. Sentiments from the team itself have so far concurred with the overriding theme in theme in the match. According to Cam Heyward, the team had unfortunately taken a different course from the kind of play that has defined them all season.
Heyward considers the lack of coordination between the team to be the cause of the poor results. Bud Dupree also shares the view and finds fault in the fact that the quarterback was completely disregarded during the match.
While there were over fifteen sacks by different players over the season, the same was not true in the postseason where not a single sack was recorded. The concession of three touchdowns in the first half was definitely the underscoring of the new low where nothing of the sort has ever happened before.
While the motives of Jacksonville were quite clear in every instance, there was little done by Steelers to seal the loopholes that so obvious. The run and ultimate conversion by T.J Yeldon particularly highlighted just how much the Steelers were out of sync.
Admittedly, the sentiments from Steelers players indicate that they did not have any concrete plans beyond focusing on AFC championship. This attitude clearly motivated Jacksonville to take full control and teach Steelers a valuable lesson.
It is not easy to determine whether the players’ sentiments are a reflection of the truth, or there were probably other reasons for the lackluster performance. The lack of coordination between the defense and attack completely created chaos and confusion.
With T.J. Watt, Heyward and Stephon Tuitt holding down the fort at the back, all seemed well until Ryan Shazier was no longer available in the middle. Most of the players failed to manage to achieve as they would have wanted. Artie Burns and Dupree were not able to shine during the season and this game was seemingly an undeserved reckoning.
It can only be hoped that a better organization of the defense surfaces if the Pittsburg Steelers should have better results in future.

Team Statistics

Steelers Opponents
28 Total First Downs 22
4 - 23 - 1 1st Downs (Rush-Pass-By Penalty) 9 - 12 - 1
7/16 3rd Down Conversions 8/14
4/6 4th Down Conversions 1/1
545 Total Offensive Yds 378
78 - 7.0 Offense (Plays-Avg Yds) 61 - 6.2
83 Total Rushing Yds 164
18 - 4.6 Rushing (Plays-Avg Yards) 35 - 4.7
462 Total Passing Yds 214
37 - 58 - 1 - 8.1 Passing (Comp-Att-Int-Avg) 14 - 26 - 0 - 8.2
0 Sacks 2
0/0 Field Goals 1/1
6 Touchdowns 6
1 - 5 - 0 - 0 (Rush-Pass-Ret-Def) 4 - 1 - 0 - 1
31:10 Time of Possession 28:50
-2 Turnover Ratio  

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