A Capable Enforcer is Needed for Steelers to Secure the Super Bowl
The Steelers have a huge task ahead if they want to continue producing impressive results, while the team is still superb as it is, a couple of areas need to be addressed urgently.
The administration fraternity definitely needs to hit the ground running if the Steelers odds for the season are to remain high. The starting point is already great as the few problems that need to be fixed are already known. The unpredictable offense should get the much-needed remedy in order to impress. Hopefully, Randy Fichtners will be able to successfully bring the boys home to winning ways.
After that, the glaring misfortune with the running back must be fixed without delay. There is a lot of disorganization and inefficiency that has caused unwarranted costly mistakes. While the offense is definitely ready to go, that cannot be said about the defense.
The defects at the defense were resoundingly clear when Ryan Shaziers had to be ruled out by an injury. This is why the Steelers' management must look into getting some new talent before the season starts. The draft presents a great opportunity, and so does the free-agency. All in all, the prevailing mindset when it comes to team configuration must now shift from prioritizing player ranking to preferring raw skills.
In essence, the Steelers need the combination of capability and proper mindset in a player. Any successful player does not need to just possess a good physique. A good physique must be matched with a can-do attitude for a player to deliver good results. In the past, the Steelers have seen a lot of capable players who had all the right physical qualifications but simply lacked a proper attitude. Moving forward, the emphasis must now be on the character in addition to athleticism.
Looking back at times when incredible physical capability was matched by enthusiasm, one cannot fail to see the impact of a player like Jack Lambert. Lambert was a beast on the field and dominated the back where he would destroy any opponents that dared to march into his territory. He clearly understood his strengths and tapped into them on the field.
After Lambert came Greg Lloyd, who also delivered the same enthusiasm and inspiration on the field. He also provoked fear and commanded respect from the opponents. The same can be said of Joey Porter, who was completely loyal and committed to the team’s cause in and out of the field.
Currently, there is barely anyone at the Steelers who can match the reputation of those great men going by the happenings of the previous season.
There was a lot of disorganization that it was virtually impossible to see anyone stand out and have a significant impact on the defense. James Harrison, however, is a serious menace to the opponents and he would have inspired terror on the field had he been given the chance. His kind of attitude is clearly what is lacking at the Steelers. The hope is that when the Steelers return, a capable enforcer will be included and steer them to a Super Bowl title once again.


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