Le’Veon Bell: Steelers Weren’t Prepared For Jaguars
The Pittsburgh Steelers’ suffered a big upset in the 2018 playoffs as they lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Although the Steelers next season odds are expected to be strong, there are some concerns over how the team’s loss to the Jaguars might impact them. These points could potentially make it to where he might not stick around for the future as he is a free agent and is adverse to the idea of being listed with the franchise tag.
This comes as running back Le’Veon Bell states that many members of the Steelers were not ready to play. Bell said that many Steelers were not prepared for the Jaguars. It was a big part of why the Steelers lost 45-42 while also being down by three touchdowns during a few parts of the game.
Bell told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Adam Bittner that the Steelers really did not play well until the second half of the game. While Bell really wanted to win, he felt that much of the rest of the team was not all that confident. He says the Steelers were not ready to compete and struggled to really do anything out on the field.
Bell was uncertain if some of the players were anticipating a potential match with the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship and were more concerned with the Pats instead of the Jaguars. He also thought that maybe the Steelers’ bye week before the game was a big problem. He feels that the Steelers might have had lots of swagger that kept them from thinking all that much about the Jaguars.
Although Bell had some tough words for his teammates, he did not have anything bad to say about coach Mike Tomlin or anyone else on the coaching staff. Bell feels that it was the lack of energy for the Steelers that kept the team from being competitive or from trying to be any stronger.
Le’Veon Bell will be a free agent during the offseason. He is expected to stick around with the Steelers, but it is unclear as to whether his issues with the team during the last game might make a difference in plans for his future.
The greatest worry for the Steelers regarding Bell is that he might leave the team depending on how he is handled in the offseason. He was frustrated last year after having been franchise tagged. Bell said that he would skip the coming training camp if he was franchise tagged for the second straight year.
Bell is hoping to get a new contract to keep him in Pittsburgh for a while. However, he has been open to ideas. He even stated that he would be interested in signing with the New York Jets if he were to get a contract of $100 million or greater. This is a concern that might make it harder for the Steelers to possibly get him back. The ongoing franchise tag concern may be a problem as well as it might make it harder for him to stick around in the future.


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