Letting the Quarterback Go Made the Steelers Lose the Match
The recent playoff loss of Steelers was not only shocking but kind of predictive. The good thing about this loss is that the ultimate reasons for the collapse of the team can be understood and can be rectified in the upcoming matches.
Team 1 2 3 4 T
Steelers 0 14 7 21 42
Jaguars 14 14 0 17 45
Steelers lost to Jaguars by 45-42 and since then all that can be discussed is the botched onside kick, their 2 failed fourth-down and last but not the least Mike Tomlin’s weak clock management.
Even if one keeps aside Tomlin’s clock management and that horrible one side kick aside, one cannot deny that the 2 fourth-down calls, were totally confusing. The 1st was made after the end of the first quarter when the Steelers were down by 14-0 and needed to keep going. The situation called for a run up the middle or even a quarterback, but the Steelers odds denied the same and instead called for a toss to Le’Veon Bell. Bell proved of no use and instead got thrown backfield almost 5 yards.
This surely raises the question of why did not the Steelers use Ben Roethlisberger, who is the perfect for the quarterback. Ben in all his career has attempted the fourth and 1 for 19 times, and out of that almost 18 times, he has converted it right on the first down. So, even after having a record like this why did the
Steelers odde did not considere him?
Tomlin in the postgame press conference when asked about his decision, said nothing much other than commenting that the fourth down calls were according to his comfort level, and probably it was the Jaguars who had their defend line strongly planned that led to the Steelers’ loss. On the other Roethlisberger was confused and said that he is all up for sneaking the ball, but had no idea, why he wasn’t asked to do the same. He further said that he has no idea, why he wasn’t allowed to the quarterback. Also, it has been a while since the Steelers’ did a quarterback. He further mentioned that if he is allowed, then he is always up for it. Though he also mentioned that he is not going to think about why the Steelers’ no more opt for a quarterback.
Though one might feel confused after hearing what Tomlin and Roethlisberger said, the real reason behind the Steelers not allowing Roethlisberger to do the quarterback is perhaps because they don’t want him getting chewed up.
In the last season, it was reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune that Todd Haley the offensive coordinator denied Big Ben that sneaks that he wanted to introduce into the playbook. Haley had explained back then that these decisions were generally made by the whole staff, and the staffs decide whether they want a quarterback or not. But at times other do take the risk, and where there is a risk, there is always a reward associated it as well which can be both good or bad.
At the end, one may feel a bit honorable since the Steelers are trying to protect their quarterback, but at the same time, one can say that this is surely not the time to do so. For everyone knows now that both Haley in the last season and Tomlin in this one lost because of denying the power to the quarterbacks.
Steelers worked hard all season long to make the Playoffs, but fell short to the Super Bowl. Below are the betting odds to win the next Super Bowl:

2018 Superbowl LII - To Win

Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars +750
Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings +155
New England Patriots New England Patriots EV
Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles +580
Super Bowl 52

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