Steelers Odds for the Season Look Better with a Week-6 Win
Week 5 of the NFL schedule has been eventful to say the least. The AFC North standings have brought to the fore interesting results that could indicate what the season holds for various teams.
At this point, taking stock of the week that was is critical to providing a way forward for each team; if the AFC North title is to be bagged. So far, the teams have put up a spirited fight and fans are not expecting anything less. Also, all teams have high expectations to outperform their competitors and in so doing, they might go further to edge closer to the divisional title and even the Lombardi trophy. Naturally, every team in the NFL strives to win the divisional title first. A division win means that a home playoff game and a playoff spot are well secured. Therefore, it is never too early to score satisfactory divisional rankings. With this in mind Steelers odds for the season could be better with a Week-6 win.
Steelers Week 6 Game Odds
Paul Brown Stadium — Cincinnati, OH Spread Moneyline Total
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To really determine the state of the teams in the early games, let us take a closer look at the AFC North teams that include the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. The Week-5 meeting between the Browns of Cleveland and Baltimore Ravens brought shocking results with the Browns recording a win over the Ravens of 12 - 9(OT). After the Ravens humbled the Steelers during the Week-4 games, this loss to the Browns may have come as a great disappointment. For the Browns, this second win in the season may indicate better things to come for the team. This goes to show that the AFC North divisional race is anything but predictable.
The Dolphins had to eat humble pie as the Bengals revived their play to record a win of 27-17 over the Dolphins. At the games, an early lead proved to be misleading as Cincinnati utilized their machinery to secure a win. For Week-6, the Bengals will meet the Steelers in what will be a major showdown. Will the Bengals continue with their winning streak? Only time will tell. When it came to the match up between the Steelers and the Falcons, Pittsburgh took the cake winning with 41 points over Atlanta's 17 points. For the Steelers, this marked the first complete win in the regular season. In many ways, the Falcons' offense did not step up as expected. On the other hand, the Steelers put their best foot forward and it paid off.
Week 6 schedule will see the Bengals battle with the Steelers on Sunday. The Browns will meet Los Angeles Chargers while the Titans will play the Ravens in what is expected to be an exciting Sunday. There is no question that the battle lines have been drawn and all the AFC North teams have nothing but victory in mind. The team that will eventually silence the contenders to take the win is anybody's' guess at this point. However, with a Week-6 win, the Steelers stand a good chance of winning. The odds could change but if the team remains consistent, a win is certainly in the offing.


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