Steelers Odds Affected by Games So Far, Is This a Sign?
On Sunday at Heinz Field, the Pittsburgh Steelers had to contend defeat after the Kansas City Chiefs emerged winners 42-37; marking a Week 2 loss for Pittsburgh. With Steelers odds affected by games, could this be a sign of what is to come? In an attempt to make sense of the loss, cornerback Mike Hilton stated that the overall team communication would have been better. He went ahead to say that some plays were just handed to their competitors easily. Hilton said that heading into the coming weeks of the competition, they have to correct this and do better.
You will remember that this is the second home game loss for the Steelers. In January, the team had to contend loss to the Jaguars who managed 45 points in a playoff game. This loss elicited a lot of commentary from varied audiences. A social media message managed to rub Antonio Brown the wrong way. The wide receiver replied to a tweet that suggested that he was powerless without star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. In his reply, Brown insisted that he was his own man and even if he were to be traded, he would prove the same point.
In the recent days, Brown has suffered major upset with sideline drama being recorded by cameras. We know that he was infuriated by the fact that tight end Jesse James and wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuter recorded better numbers than him. Facts may not lie but Brown is still fighting for relevance in his team. Overall, the team needs to start winning for better odds going forward. With a winless two weeks, Roethlisberger seemed optimist stating that it is still too early in the game. The talented player demonstrated his leadership by encouraging the players to push hard in the next game.
Fellow players also echoed the same sentiments with guard Ramon Foster saying that giving up was not an option. Foster stated that there are still 14 games left and it can only be time to fight harder. For a Monday night game, the Steelers head to Tampa Bay and then go back home to battle with the Baltimore Ravens. Despite the Brown drama, Sunday was a big day for him as he set a new record in the NFL. He reached 750 career receptions beating Marvin Harrison's mark of 121 games in the regular season. In the passing charts, Roethlisberger also climbed up. He overtook John Elway for the seventh-most passing yards in the entire history of the NFL. He now has a total of 51,852 ahead of Elway's 51,475.
The Steelers quarterback also broke a passing yards tie with Dan Marino. His 452 passing yards are the fifth 450-yard game in his career in the NFL. There is also notable chemistry between Brown and Roethlisberger. This is best seen in their 712 completions in the league. This goes beyond the performance of the duo Drew Brees and Marques Colston which stands at 706. This is the fourth-most impressive collaboration between a wide receiver and a quarterback in the league. The Week 2 loss cannot be overlooked, however, it is still early to read any signs seriously. One sure thing is that the Steelers are fired up with the sole mission to win going forward.


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