2018 NFL Season Prediction for Pittsburgh Steelers
SteelersOdds.com has come up with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of Pittsburgh Steelers season prediction in 2018, which takes account of all games as well as the inclusion of the playoffs.
We have made it possible to picture Pittsburgh Steelers season predictions for every game, which places the team to finish the 2018 NFL season with a 10-6 record. Even though it represents a halfhearted achievement for the team, it is good enough for them to clinch the title in the AFC North.
Predictions for AFC North show that Steelers are the favorites to win the championship with a 10-6 record, followed by the Cincinnati Bengals with an 8-8 record by the end of the season. The Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns complete the list of predictions with a 7-9 and 5-11 record respectively in the division.
When it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers season predictions from Week 1-17, the team will probably record the following outcomes.

Prediction Calendar for Steelers
First Week – To win against Cleveland Browns: 16-13 (1-0)
Second Week – To win against Kansas City Chiefs: 30-21 (2-0)
Third Week – To lose to Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 28-21 (2-1)
Fourth Week – To win against Baltimore Ravens: 23-20 (3-1)
Fifth Week – To win against Atlanta Falcons: 28-27 (4-1)
Sixth Week – To lose to Cincinnati Bengals: 23-21 (4-2)
Seventh Week – Bye (4-2)
Eighth Week – To win against Cleveland Browns: 26-23 (5-2)
Ninth Week – To lose to Baltimore Ravens: 39-38 (5-3)
Tenth Week – To win against Carolina Panthers: 30-20 (6-3)
Eleventh Week – To lose to Jacksonville Jaguars: 31-30 (6-4)
Twelfth Week – To lose to Denver Broncos: 20-19 (6-5)
Thirteenth Week – To win against Los Angeles Chargers: 31-29 (7-5)
Fourteenth Week – To win against Oakland Raiders: 38-30 (8-5)
Fifteenth Week – To win against New England Patriots 37-36 (9-5)
Sixteenth Week – To lose to New Orleans Saints 38-33 (9-6)
Seventeenth Week - To win against Cincinnati Bengals 27-24 (10-6)

With the above predictions, it is evident that the Steelers will be undergoing some pressure through the regular season to ensure they deliver satisfactory results. A further analysis of the predictions shows that the sixteen matchups would predictably end within a 10-point margin, and on the other hand, 11 of them would end with at most 3-point margins. In 2017, only six of their games ended with the latter margin. The dying episodes of the year will see the Steelers going crazy with thriller games, which even prompted Pete to reverse the 2017 scores between the Steelers and the Ravens in Week 9.
The Steelers QB coach and offensive coordinator, Randy Fichtner will be looking forward to ensure that his squad seals the 448 points in his first season, which translates to a neat 28 points per game. In addition, the team will allow 422 points or averagely over 26 per game, which would put defensive coordinator John Keith Butler’s job at risk.
The squad will clinch position 4 in the playoffs. During Wild Card weekend, the Broncos narrowly lost to the
Steelers 21-20, as the winner eventually lost 25-20 to Jacksonville in the Divisional rematch. The Jaguars beat the Patriots to the title, but the Super Bowl saw the former losing 27-20 to the Packers.


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