Steelers Preseason Starts with a Picky Secondary
The Pittsburg Steelers has undergone and survived some of the biggest condemnations of the especially when it comes to the defense. The team suffered in the hands of many opponents over the earlier years of 2010s just because the defense gradually grew very poor in intercepting aerial balls. The Steelers have grappled with this loophole for many years now because we can hardly recall a season that any of its players recorded more than three interception of aerial balls. As the new season draws in, it is high time for fans to countercheck the preseason odds for Steelers.
However, the Steelers have reorganized its defense with the help of the new instructor, refurbished secondary as well as an innovative philosophy that focuses on training their defensive backs to make excellent plays by creating a number of opportunities to intercept the ball. The Pittsburg Steelers are currently sharpening their skills at their training camp, which has seen the defense improve their skills in interceptions. Therefore, compared to the past preseasons, it seems the preseason odds for Steelers have improved as the team strives to bear the fruits of this hard work.
The Pittsburg Steelers started their preseason campaign well because they were able to play against QBs from other rival teams, this time, the Philadelphia Eagles. As such, the Eagles lacked input from two of their top QBs who were not even on the depth chart. On the other hand, two interceptions from the Steelers set the tone of the game, with the Eagles Nate Sudfeld giving the ball away once. Coty Sensabaugh made the first interception, which proved the veteran’s capability from a 7-season career in the NFL, and his second season with the Eagles. Sensabaugh played in trap coverage, and he made it easy to lock down the cornerback in the course of the game.
Cornerback Cameron Sutton also made a wonderful interception when QB Sudfeld and his wide receiver looked confused about their positions during play. Last season, the Steelers always opted to play Sutton whenever the veteran Sensabaugh was benched. When the Eagles passed an almost perfect ball towards the end zone in the dying minutes of the game, safety Malik Golden intercepted the ball by zapping it out of bounds rather than playing for the pick. Golden took the opportunity to save the game because he was well-positioned to take out the ball.
In the recent past years, we have not seen such an active Steelers defense when it comes to interceptions. However, last year, the team made a remarkable improvement, especially with three interceptions from safety Sean Davis. It can be concluded that Steelers secondary seem to make more plays even with the latest additions of Morgan Burnett, Mike Hilton, Sutton, Joe Haden, and rookie Terrell Edmunds. Tom Bradley, Steelers defensive back coach, is already putting his plans to task since his decision to join the team. His eloquent instructions to the squad has given them more opportunities to execute most of their plays in man coverage with the intention of changing routes. They have also learnt the best ways of making splash plays, which usually catches most defenses off-guard.

Steelers Preseason Schedule
Preseason Week 1 at Philadelphia Eagles
Thursday, August 9, 2018
Score: Eagles 14 - 31 Steelers

Preseason Week 2 at Green Bay Packers
Thursday, August 16, 2018

Preseason Week 3 at Tennessee Titans
Saturday, August 25, 2018

Preseason Week 4 at Carolina Panthers
Thursday, August 30, 2018


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