Steelers's Mike Tomlin on TD celebrations: 'I just don't like it'
Many of us love sports but there are also certain things that need to be associated with sports. Celebrations are meant to share the joys and emotions not only among the players or teams but also with the audience that are watching them. If an athlete is playing a sport and has good or bad play, they will demonstrate either excitement or disgust. If he wins a gold medal during the Olympics his celebrations will be altogether at different level. However, people argue that the young generation gets carried away through such celebrations and forget to respect the game and the opponents.
Pittsburgh Steelers's coach Mike Tomlin stated that he is not happy with the relaxed touchdown celebrations set by the NFL. In his view, it creates a wrong impression and carries a bad precedent for the young players. Steelers' players perform best and showcase some of the best celebrations but Tomlin is no more interested in watching over them.
He believes that such celebrations are for the entertainment purpose. He respects such an entertainment at the fan level but on a personal note he ignores it. The coach believes that such entertainment and fun takes away the natural game of Pittsburgh players. It is not a good motivation for the young people as they are not allowed to celebrate in this manner.
Tomlin notes that such celebrations are allowed across different sports, and it is meant for fun and harmless entertainment. However, he also cites that high school and college football do have such celebrations but with stricter guidelines. In 2017, the NFL did allow players to have celebrations as a way to accommodate creativity and also overcome the frustrations of over-joyous celebrations.
Pittsburgh Steelers's players should be reminded that they can celebrate their joys for the purpose of fun and entertainment. It is for this reason that certain sports leagues have defined rules for celebrations. In the case of NFL, there are rules for celebrations. If a single guy is spontaneously doing the celebration, he will be awarded with a penalty. However, if there are three guys that do a synchronized dance, it will be fine with the game rules. In the view of coaches, joy is fine but taunting isn't.
One cannot look into the eyes of the opponents and demonstrate their celebrations through such aggression. Suck mocking showcase negative signals not only to the players and young generations but also the entire audience.
The Steelers took advantage of synchronized celebrations that involved Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and others but Tomlin ignored those post-touchdown plans. Instead, Tomlin said that he does not even seem to notice them during the match time; he watches them on the television. Tomlin's stance on sportsmanship is not affected with such incidents. He believes in sharing mutual respect with the players. And that is one of the key reasons to deliver better results.
Pittsburgh Steelers's players should thereby be allowed to celebrate their achievement; they can jump or dance, and celebrate in their way. But they should be penalized for taunting and mocking. The sports leagues should penalize such players for un-sportsman-like conduct.
The referee should accordingly make the decision to overcome these challenges and ensure that they have players enjoy the game in high spirits.The next time you are watching a game and you feel that the opponent celebrated out of shape, you should remember that this is just another game. You should relax and remain happy watching to it.


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