Super Bowl X
The NFL Champions of Super Bowl X (10), were the passionate Pittsburgh Steelers. After successfully sitting on the Cowboys, they emerged winners with a score of 2117. For Pittsburgh, this would be the second win in a row for the top title.
Super Bowl XSuper Bowl X
Cowboys 17 - Steelers 21
MVP: Lynn Swann, WR
Favorite: Steelers by 7
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This was the 1975 season and according to major indicators, Steelers odds to win Super Bowl were incredibly high. However, Dallas were not exactly underdogs, they had lifted the VI title to assert their authority in the league. When they met in battle, everything was laid bear and the best team took it.
The game was played in January of 1976. This was a special year for the nation because it marked the Bicentennial year. To this end, all teams celebrated the special day by wearing a special logo on their Jerseys. The game was played in Miami, Florida at the Orange Bowl. This top game was laced with unique playing approaches by both teams. The Cowboys were noted for their defense and offense prowess. The Steelers on the other hand were known for their killer running game. Pittsburgh had posted an impressive regular season by recording a 122 record while thrashing the Colts and Raiders in the playoff games.
The Cowboys had successfully hang the Vikings and the Los Angeles Rams. In the heat of the game in the fourth quarter, Lynn Swann, the Steelers' wide recover emerged to catch four passes to net 161 yards with a touchdown. With this heroic move, Swann became the first wide receiver to be name MVP at the top game.
Pittsburgh Steelers
This team continued to implement its 'Steel Curtain' defense approach. Their unparalleled running game gave them millage all the way. The most notable performance was Fullback Franco Harris who became the second best in the league. Harris managed 1,246 yards with 10 touchdowns. Rocky Bleier was the halfback who posted 528 rushing yards with fullback Fuqua adding 285 yards with 18 receptions. Quarterback Terry Bradshaw showcased his exceptional attack throwing for 2,055 yards, nine interceptions and 18 touchdowns. He also rushed for 210 yards while posting three touchdowns. As a result, Steelers were able to send 8 out of 11 starters to the Pro Bowl.
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas entered the big game with their sophisticated offense and defense. Quarterback Roger Staubach recorded a very sturdy season while passing for 2,666 yards and 17 touchdowns. Staubach also rushed for 310 yards. In wide receiver position, Pearson managed 46 receptions for 822 yards and a total of 8 touchdowns. Both teams had something in common; they were basing their performance largely on the rushing game. In this respect, Dallas had their leading rusher Robert Newhouse who managed 930 yards while catching 34 passes for a total for 274 yards. Newhouse was the fullback posting great results as the season wore on.
Also in the team was Dennison who added 388 yards as a halfback. The backfield also boasted a talented halfback Preston Pearson. In pre-season, Pearson was with the Steelers where he was cut. Joining Dallas came later when he signed in as a free agent. Pearson caught 27 passes while rushing for 509 yards. In the kickoffs, he added 391 more yards. His performance in the playoff was also good. Here, he caught 12 passes for 200 yards with three touchdowns. This was a solid team to say the least.
Dallas defense was keenly manned by top talents including Jones, Jordan and Martin. Jordan was the team leader ensuring six interceptions. For linebacker, the team had Lewis who was a seasoned rusher. Corner back and safeties players also played a pivotal role to cement the flex defense of the Cowboys. With the weight of Pro Bowler Harris, the number of interceptions was increased to stand at 12.
At this 1975 season big game, Norm Schachter would hang his boots. Schachter was a long time referee who had served as NFL officiating assignment for the game. This was not his first service in the big game as referee; he had also officiated at Super Bowl I and V. In the NFL, he also served in other positions including officiating supervisor and as an official for instant replay. He took the latter positions after retiring from the field as referee. Indeed, this season was full of great intrigues that all culminated to the winning of the Steelers. The season was extra special owing to the national celebrations mentioned above. Indeed, this remains a very memorable game.

Scoring Summary

Quarter Time Drive Team Scoring information Score
Plays Yards TOP DAL PITT
1 10:24 1 29 :08 DAL Drew Pearson 29-yard touchdown reception from Roger Staubach, Toni Fritsch kick good 7 0
1 5:57 8 67 4:27 PIT Randy Grossman 7-yard touchdown reception from Terry Bradshaw, Roy Gerela kick good 7 7
2 14:45 11 46 6:12 DAL 36-yard field goal by Fritsch 10 7
4 11:28 PIT Mitch Hoopes punt blocked through the end zone by Reggie Harrison for a safety 10 9
4 8:41 6 25 2:47 PIT 36-yard field goal by Gerela 10 12
4 6:37 3 6 1:45 PIT 18-yard field goal by Gerela 10 15
4 3:02 3 70 1:23 PIT Lynn Swann 64-yard touchdown reception from Bradshaw, Gerela kick no good (hit left upright) 10 21
4 1:48 5 80 1:14 DAL Percy Howard 34-yard touchdown reception from Staubach, Fritsch kick good 17 21
  17 21

Statistical comparison

Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers
13 First downs 14
7 First downs rushing 6
6 First downs passing 8
0 First downs penalty 0
8/19 Third down efficiency 3/14
0/3 Fourth down efficiency 1/1
149 Net yards rushing 108
46 Rushing attempts 31
3.2 Yards per rush 3.5
9/19 Passing – Completions-attempts 15/24
2–19 Times sacked-total yards 7–42
0 Interceptions thrown 3
190 Net yards passing 162
339 Total net yards 270
5–31 Punt returns-total yards 1–5
4–89 Kickoff returns-total yards 4–96
3–89 Interceptions-total return yards 0–0
4–39.8 Punts-average yardage 7–35
4–0 Fumbles-lost 4–0
0–0 Penalties-yards 2–20
29:30 Time of possession 30:30
0 Turnovers 3


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