Super Bowl X
The NFL Champions of Super Bowl X (10), were the passionate Pittsburgh Steelers. After successfully sitting on the Cowboys, they emerged winners with a score of 2117. For Pittsburgh, this would be the second win in a row for the top title.

Mike Tomlin Versus other Great Pittsburgh Steelers' Head Coaches
A quick evaluation of head coaches in the NFL shows that the Pittsburgh Steelers have a great consistency because since the year 1969, only three men have coached the team.

Super Bowl IX
The Super Bowl IX definitely was a great fixture between the Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC Champions) and the Minnesota Vikings (NFC Champion) that helped to decide the next NFL champion of the 1974 season.

Best Moments in Pittsburgh Steelers History
The Pittsburgh Steelers are considered one of the greatest franchises in NFL history, and they are also the most successful, winning a league high six Super Bowls.

Heinz Field | Steelers
The Pittsburgh Steelers are considered the greatest NFL franchise because they are the only franchise in the NFL to win six Super Bowls.